us tax service – Cooperation

We provide comprehensive advice in all issues related to US and German Tax Law and the Double Taxation Treaty between both countries. Our clients are German citizens and companies with income in the USA, and US citizens and companies with income in Germany.

US Tax Service is a cooperation of independent U.S. CPAs and German tax consultants working together without any affiliation under German or US company laws. The internet portal www.cpa.berlin is operated by Wagemann + Partner PartG mbB, a Limited Liability Partnership of Tax Advisers, Auditors and CPAs, with expertise in all aspects of tax laws and accounting. This is done in co-operation with the Consulta Wagemann + Partner PartG mbB in Düsseldorf. Wagemann + Partner PartG mbB merely provides the internet portal. Contracting party in the case of any assignment is the respective firm named in the section "CPA Experts".

US Tax Service has a close collaboration with the Wagemann + Partner PartG mbB (LLP), a limited liability partnership of tax consultants, auditors and CPAs who have expertise in all aspects of tax law and accounting.